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Stiksen Journal Blog


Welcome to your one-stop destination for all cap related matters. Our Journal covers a wide range of topics concerning caps and their usage.

Welcome to Capipedia - Stiksen's very own Wikipedia for Caps. Many are struggling with the terminology in the world of caps (no wonder, there's a whole science behind them). In order to help you, we have taken it back to school and created this cap glossary - your cheat sheet to understand caps.

We just felt like showing interesting personalities wearing caps throughout history. As a matter of fact, it gladdens us to see that the cap is a universal fashion accessory for both men and women. This one is for the Dalai Lama, Barack Obama and the late Princess Diana.

It's not unusual that people are confused about their hat size, so we thought we could provide you a hat sizing guide. Check out this informative piece in order to find your perfect fit!

Where does the baseball cap actually originate from? Why is it called "baseball" cap? And how come the cap has transformed from being a garment related to sports to a contemporary fashion accessory?

The cap is traditionally considered a functional garment providing your eyes comfortable shade from the sun. But it is also nowadays a fashion piece. If you don't wear a cap already, here are the best five reasons for you to start wearing caps.

On all (or at least the vast majority of) baseball caps, there is a small button on the very top. What's actually the main purpose of this button?

There is a big chance for the baseball cap that you love to become dirty and sweaty after a long-time use. You may wonder how often you should wash your cap? And what is the right way to clean it?

Most of the baseball caps have embroidered holes. What's the name of these holes? What's the meaning of having them? Why Stiksen Ventile® series caps don't have any holes? Here you can find the answer.

To find the fitted cap size you need to know how to measure your head size. Follow the instruction to measure your size easily and accurately.

There is more and more people who wear their caps with the sticker on. Should we follow this trend?

Feeling inspired?