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About Us

Stiksen is a Stockholm-based brand focusing on premium caps. From the start, Stiksen have been about bringing people together and unite different cultures. Since the founders of Stiksen have been asked to take off their ball caps several times (too many to count) throughout their lives, they soon realized that the cap is much more than a piece of clothing; it’s a statement.

With its background in sports and urban culture, the cap is a symbol for a new generation growing up in multicultural environments. We want to emphasize the importance of integration and shrink the distance between people by making the cap suitable for all kinds of settings. Consequently, Stiksen aim to change the norms around clothing so that everybody feels comfortable wearing whatever, whenever and wherever.

The cap industry has traditionally been led by mass production and licensees. By paying full attention to the cap as a product, Stiksen want to perfect it in terms of style, quality and sustainability. We use 100% organic cotton in our caps and work closely with small scale producers with excellent craftsmanship to offer best-in-class headwear.


We are in a constant strive to do better for our environment and planet. Today, all our caps are made of eco-friendly 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton, grown without pesticides and coloured only with azo free dyes. We pay close attention to each step of the production process to make sure we minimize our environmental footprint. Nevertheless, there is always more to do, and we actively look for improvement possibilities all the way from raw material to customer delivery.


Let's get personal. Stiksen’s founder, Asim, is born and raised in Sweden with parents from Bangladesh, a developing country yet one of the largest global textile exporters. In order to connect back to his roots, he has chosen to work with Bangladeshi small-scale producers. Speaking the Bengali language, living the culture and visiting yearly, it was an obvious choice to partner up with factories in Bangladesh.

Our cap factory is a member of BGMEA (The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association). Their employees work 8 hours a day with overtime pay, have vacations, free medical service at site and insurances, among other benefits. In addition to our cap factory, we place our raw material orders with non-profit organization Thanapara Swallows to help marginal Bangladeshi women gain economic and social awareness for better living standards.

With transparency, understanding of the conditions as well as insights into the partners we produce at, we can contribute to a greater positive impact on a larger number of people. At Stiksen, we value responsibility high and will always consider it in every decision we make.


We at Stiksen are against fast fashion. Therefore, we focus on producing items that can be worn for years and years. With higher quality premium fabric, our pieces are expected to have a longer lifetime than the average cap. We work closely with small scale producers with excellent craftsmanship in production and finishing in order to offer the absolute best-in-class long-lasting headwear.

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