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Stiksen Meets - Malin Evrenos

Backstage of the club Trädgården, we had a chat with Malin Evrenos, an energetic woman living a double life - one as a Creative Director in a renowned Stockholm marketing agency by day, and anothe...
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Stiksen Meets – Maja Dahlbäck

Right on the edge of Stockholm’s Östermalm district is Balettakademien, one of Scandinavia’s largest and most prestigious dance schools. This is where we meet up with Maja Dahlbäck, a second-year ...
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Stiksen Meets – Nirob Islam

After walking in the snow-covered streets of Stockholm, we make our way up to the warm and cozy apartment that belongs to the artist and songwriter Nirob Islam. A cup of coffee later, we ask him a...
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Stiksen Meets – ISKO

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter ISKO, Isak Dennholt, had a chat with us at his music studio, located underground in Stockholm. At the studio, which was filled with some modern and some almost...
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Stiksen Meets – Nikita Uggla

We met up with Nikita Uggla, an actress who plays Felice Ehrencrona in the Netflix Original Series Young Royals. She grew up in Kivik in southern Sweden and after High School, Nikita moved to Stoc...
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Baseball caps for women

Looking for a baseball cap for women? Honestly speaking, there are no caps specifically designed for neither men nor women. All head shapes and sizes are unique and not related to gender, therefor...
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Capipedia - Your cap glossary

Welcome to Capipedia - Stiksen's very own Wikipedia for Caps. Many are struggling with the terminology in the world of caps (no wonder, there's a whole science behind them). In order to help you, ...
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Famous people in caps

We just felt like showing interesting personalities wearing caps throughout history. As a matter of fact, it gladdens us to see that the cap is a universal fashion accessory for both men and women....
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