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Bringing Scandinavian luxury

to urban headwear


We love blogging about the interests of our fans and us. It is pure cap talk so make sure to check out STIKSEN Stories - our very own headwear fashion blog.

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Caps immersed in Scandinavian Luxury

Welcome to STIKSEN - home of the most premium caps around. Whether your style is a curved brim cap or flat brim cap, the high quality headwear from STIKSEN will meet your sophisticated needs. With Scandinavian Luxury at their core, STIKSEN’s caps make for a premium accessory with minimalistic features, adjustable straps and high quality fabrics. No matter if you are looking for a fashion statement, protection from the sun that matches your smart outfit, or a stylish way to deal with a bad hair day, STIKSEN caps will far surpass your expectations. The high quality of the caps and the minimalistic designs alone tell the story of STIKSEN headwear - not your ordinary caps.