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Säker Stil Design Collaboration

We’ve teamed up with the pioneering Swedish fashion platform Säker stil, to create a small collection of premium caps in merino wool. 

Being a multi-channel platform for fashion and lifestyle, Säker stil inspire thousands of people in Sweden and abroad on trends and long lasting fashion for life’s different occasions. “Säker stil” in Swedish directly translates “Confident style”, which is exactly what the duo behind the platform Emilia de Poret and Ebba Kleberg von Sydow inspire to; giving people the confidence to express the best versions of themselves through a complete wardrobe.

Both Stiksen and Säker stil have a conscious mindset and a focus on long lasting style. Therefore, the collection is made of high quality merino wool. Each cap is marked with Säker stil’s signature logotype on the inside.

"We are extremely happy and proud of the collaboration with Stiksen, whose caps we love - and whose vision is completely in line with Säker stil's: to build a smart, sustainable wardrobe for all life occasions. The caps really add a trendy, sporty twist to a classic autumn outfit and complete the look we all strive for", says the duo behind Säker stil.