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As Stiksen's ultimate goal is to cater to all cap lovers, we are developing and testing different fits and shapes of caps on a regular basis. To date, this has resulted in our three main product styles; 105, 107 and 109, with shapes that add that little extra to the look and feel of a minimalistic and clean cap.

Style 105

The 105 style is an unstructured 6-panel mid profile baseball cap, also known as dad cap. This means that all panels are soft and shape tight after one's forehead. The 105 style caps' tilted front panels provide a relaxed look.

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Style 107

The 107 style is characterized by a structured 6-panel baseball cap, which involves stiff front panels, giving the cap its own silhouette of the classic baseball cap with a relatively high profile (deeper than the 105 caps). Our 107 Canvas, Ventile and ReWool caps are similar in depth.

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Style 109

The 109 is a mid profile style featuring an unstructured, 6-panel crown and a flat, rounded brim, giving the cap a nice and laid-back vintage look. The crown is similar in structure to the 105 style, as all the panels are soft.

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Always Three Sizes

All Stiksen caps come in at least three sizes - Small, Medium and Large - in order to cater to the majority of the world's adult population. All our caps include adjustable straps in the back, for a better fit.