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Famous people in caps

We just felt like showing interesting personalities wearing caps throughout history. As a matter of fact, it gladdens us to see that the cap is a universal fashion accessory for both men and women. Start scrolling and get inspired - and by the way, can you name them all?

Barack Obama wearing cap
Back to the future wearing cap
Baseball team wearing caps
Forrest Gump wearing cap
Bruce Willis wearing cap
Princess Diana wearing cap
Jay-Z wearing cap
Steve Jobs wearing cap
Beastie Boys wearing caps
Women's soft ball team wearing caps
Spike Lee wearing cap
The Dalai Lama wearing cap
Katherine Hepburn wearing cap
Vogue Model wearing cap
Mick Jones wearing cap
U.S President Jimmy Carter wearing cap
George Constanza Seinfeld wearing cap
Chuck D from Public Enemy wearing cap
Caps with Apple logotype
Bruce Springsteen album cover with cap