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Discover Waterproof Cotton Caps from Stiksen

Discover Waterproof Cotton Caps from Stiksen

Delving into the rich history of caps, these versatile accessories have long adorned individuals across diverse cultures, originally serving a functional purpose in sports to shield eyes from the sun. As fashion evolved, caps transitioned into year-round staples, yet their vulnerability to rain remained a challenge.

Stiksen presents an innovative solution, combining timeless design with water-resistant functionality to elevate your outdoor experience. Our Ventile collection, crafted from 100% waterproof organic cotton fabrics, ensures unparalleled protection. Through rigorous tensile, tear, and abrasion tests, we've fortified our caps to be the epitome of outdoor functionality. Beyond their robust performance, our caps boast a minimalist design using sustainable fabrics, guaranteeing longevity in both style and substance. Step into the world of Stiksen, where fashion meets functionality, and weather won't hinder your outdoor pursuits.

Why Stiksen x Ventile caps? 

  • Completely waterproof: Crafted from waterproof cotton material, this cap offers reliable protection against rain and moisture. 
  • Organic material: Stiksen prioritizes sustainability by using 100% organic cotton in the manufacturing of this cap. 
  • Adaptable: Whether you're facing a sunny day or a rainy evening, the Stiksen x Ventile cap is your reliable headwear. 
  • Stylish design: The various colors and classic design of the weatherproof cap make it a fashionable accessory for any occasion. 
  • Sustainability: This cap features 100% organic GOTS-certified Ventile® fabric, tightly woven to resist water penetration. Enhanced with a premium PFC-free DWR (Durable Water Repellency) system for added water repellency.


Choose between our two models: 

  • 105 - dad cap: Unstructured 6-panel mid-profile cap. All panels are soft and shaped tight after one's forehead. The 105 style caps' tilted front panels provide a relaxed look, like our 105 Ventile Midnight.
  • 107 - baseball cap: Structured 6-panel cap, which involves stiff front panels, giving the cap its silhouette of the classic baseball cap with a relatively high profile, deeper than the 105 caps.


Grab the opportunity to invest in quality

Stiksen x Ventile is more than just a cap – it's your assurance of comfort and protection in any weather. Invest in quality and durability with this water-repellent cap.  

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