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Squatchee, squatcho

Why do baseball caps have a small button on top?

On all (or at least the vast majority of) baseball caps, there is a small button on the very top, which has led to speculations regarding the actual purpose of it. Some say it's functional, to keep the panels together. Other say it's just a matter of design. But what's actually the main purpose of it?

Being located on top of the cap, where all the panels meet, the top button might be regarded as a functional detail, keeping the cap crown in one piece. Some say that historically, the button actually had that role. Though, in modern time, the button works as a cosmetic feature. The use of the button is to simply cover the joint point where the panels of the hat meet - often with the same or matching fabric to the cap crown. Some caps do not have a button, but one can argue that a cap actually looks better when the seams are covered. 

At Stiksen, we offer baseball caps without top button as well as baseball caps with top button. Check out the full range in our shop here.

Fun fact: The top button's nicknames are "Squatcho" and "Squatchee".


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