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Find Out Your Hat Size: A Guide to Measuring Your Head

Find Out Your Hat Size: A Guide to Measuring Your Head

It's not unusual that people are confused about their hat size, so we thought we could provide you a hat sizing guide. In order to find your perfectly fitting cap, you will first need to measure your head circumference. The ideal tool to measure your head is a measuring (sewing) tape. If you don't have it, you can use a simple string and ruler instead.

Here’s a step-by-step guide how to measure your head:

1. Begin just above your ear with the measuring tape.

2. Wrap it around your head evenly until it meets the starting point.

3. Hold the endpoint and read the numbers from the measuring tape.

4. If using a string, measure the start to end with a ruler.

Stiksen's caps come in three sizes; Small (55 cm), Medium (57 cm) and Large (60 cm), where the centimeters correspond to head circumference. In order to ensure a completely perfect tailored fit, all our caps are adjustable by approximately ±2 cm thanks to their straps in the back. Discover your size and explore our perfect fit headwear - go to our online shop here!


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