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Stiksen Meets - Gino Panghulan

Stiksen Meets - Gino Panghulan

Step into Rey's Market, a captivating secondhand store nestled in the vibrant heart of Stockholm's Södermalm district. Gino Panghulan, once a standout semi-pro basketball player, now orchestrates the magic within...

Stiksen Meets - Markus Welin

Stiksen Meets - Markus Welin

At Tegnérgatan, you'll discover one of Stockholm's finest wine bars, Savant. Nestled inside this cozy setting, we met Markus Welin, a towering yet unassuming figure standing at 2 meters tall. Markus has...

Discover Waterproof Cotton Caps from Stiksen

Discover Waterproof Cotton Caps from Stiksen

Delving into the rich history of caps, these versatile accessories have long adorned individuals across diverse cultures, originally serving a functional purpose in sports to shield eyes from the sun. As...

Pete Davidson wears Stiksen

Pete Davidson wears Stiksen

When it comes to iconic headwear, Stiksen's 107 Ventile Moss baseball cap is making waves and catching the attention of A-list celebrities. The one and only comedian, Pete Davidson, mainly...

Stiksen Meets Kim från Gården

Stiksen Meets - Kim fr. Gården

On a crispy cold December morning, we met with hip-hop artist Kim fr. Gården in his home turf Grimsta, located in western Stockholm. His positive energy and charismatic personality could...

Stiksen Meets Malin Evrenos

Stiksen Meets - Malin Evrenos

Backstage of the club Trädgården, we had a chat with Malin Evrenos, an energetic woman living a double life - one as a Creative Director in a renowned Stockholm marketing agency by...

Stiksen Meets Maja Dahlbäck

Stiksen Meets – Maja Dahlbäck

Right on the edge of Stockholm’s Östermalm district is Balettakademien, one of Scandinavia’s largest and most prestigious dance schools. This is where we meet up with Maja Dahlbäck, a second-year...

Stiksen Meets Nirob Islam

Stiksen Meets – Nirob Islam

After walking in the snow-covered streets of Stockholm, we make our way up to the warm and cozy apartment that belongs to the artist and songwriter Nirob Islam. A cup...

Stiksen Meets – Nikita Uggla

Stiksen Meets – Nikita Uggla

We met up with Nikita Uggla, an actress who plays Felice Ehrencrona in the Netflix Original Series Young Royals. She grew up in Kivik in southern Sweden and after High...

Baseball caps for women

Baseball Caps for Women

When it comes to fashion, gender stereotypes have long dictated what's considered appropriate for men and women. Baseball caps, a staple of casual style, have not escaped this gender bias....

reasons to wear a cap

Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Cap

The cap is traditionally considered a functional garment providing your eyes comfortable shade from the sun, but it is also nowadays a fashion piece. If you don't wear a cap...


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