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Ventile® Collection

Waterproof Ventile®

Ventile® is a qualitative and strong fabric woven out of premium extra-long-staple organic cotton that represents only 0.04% of the overall cotton produced worldwide. 

Ventile®’s performances come from its construction. The yarn is woven into a dense fabric that expands in contact with water, which is prevented to penetrate. Ventile® fabric is also enhanced with a high quality DWR system to boost the waterproof function.

The Ventile® Collection Caps

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Stiksen x Ventile®

We are proud to bring you the Stiksen x Ventile® caps with this special high-quality fabric, woven in Switzerland. It is warm, cold, wind and water resistant, even in extreme conditions. Extensive tensile, tear and abrasion tests are done in order to confirm fabric strength, which makes our caps the most functional outdoor caps in the market.

The pilots' rescue

Ventile® was created to save the lives of Air Force personnel flying over the Atlantic in wartime England. Pilots needed a garment that was cool and comfortable in the cockpit, but warm and impenetrable if it came into contact with water. With nothing that offered this functionality on the market, a team of dedicated scientists pioneered a radical solution at the Shirley Institute in Manchester and, after several months of testing, Ventile® was born.

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