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The cotton used in our Canvas Collection is woven, coloured and treated by Thanapara Swallows, a non-profit organization striving to empower people in the Thanapara village in northwestern Bangladesh. By working with Thanapara Swallows, we contribute to create economic and social awareness as well as to make marginal women self-reliant and independent in an unequal society.

Thanapara Swallows

Thanapara Swallows Development Society is an active member of the World Fair Trade Organization and a Fair Trade Certified Company as a garment manufacturer.

The NGO is working to eliminate the causes of poverty in rural Bangladesh and to alleviate suffering brought about by the many inequities in the country.

Since 1973

Sweden x Bangladesh

Thanapara Swallows produces fair-trade products in an effort to develop better social and economic situations in the local area. In 1973, the Society was founded as part of the Swedish organization The Swallows, as an effort to strengthen and stabilize the area of Thanapara after the Liberation War. It has been a fully operational and independent non-profit since 1999.

Our Contributions Matter

The Society oversees many empowering projects spanning different areas such as agriculture, primary schools, day care centers, fair-trade production, health care, human rights, micro-credits, training and sanitation. These are partly funded by the fabric production, and the goals of the projects are to improve self-sufficiency for people in the area.


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