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Stiksen ReWool Collection

Stiksen ReWool collection is made of MWool®, the next-generation Italian recycled wool produced by Manteco. Our ReWool ensures a great heat-retaining effect, soft touch, high-breathability and maximum comfort.

The ReWool Process

The ReWool fabric is obtained by mechanically recycling highly selected pre- and post-consumer knits. These are brought back to the fiber state and processed with a special patented treatment, which fully sanitizes fibers and makes them durable, resilient and ensures a long life of color.


Different color shades of fibers are then mixed in specific percentages to create new wool colors, with no additional dyes or chemicals - since recycled garments come already dyed from their former life. Once the new color is ready, it is spinned to create new yarns, which in turn give life to new high-end recycled fabrics, used to create the caps to hold your head up high with.

1. Sorting

Pre- and post-consumer garments and scraps are sorted by composition, micronage and color.

2. Color match

Different shades of recycled wool fibers are mixed, without using dyes and chemicals, in order to reproduce wool fabrics in certain colors.

3. Final circular fabrics

The new high-end and circular fabrics are used to produce our premium caps with.

ReWool compared to traditional virgin wool


Less on water consumption


Less on CO2 emissions


Less on total energy usage