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Baseball Caps for Women

105 Style Caps - Unstructured front

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The 105 style is an unstructured 6-panel baseball cap. This means that the two front panels are soft, just like the other four side and back panels, and shape tight after ones forehead. The 105 style caps' tilted front panels provide a relaxed and feminine look, suitable for girls and women.

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Swedish design

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All caps are in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton

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Caps with great fit for girls

We have noticed that women and girls generally experience difficulties finding baseball caps with a perfect match. Sizes aren't correct and the fits aren't good enough. 

After developing numerous samples and testing and trying our caps on different head shapes and sizes, we have finally found the perfect fit with a low profile for a minimalist, sleek and neat feminine look and feel. Say hello to Stiksen's 105 Style caps in different sizes.

Pro tip: All Stiksen caps come in at least three sizes - Small, Medium and Large - in order to cater to the majority of the world's adult population. All our caps include adjustable straps in the back, for a better fit.

Stiksen x Ventile® for rain protection

We are proud to bring you the Stiksen x Ventile® caps with this special high-quality fabric, woven in Switzerland. It is warm, cold, wind and water resistant, even in extreme conditions. Extensive tensile, tear and abrasion tests are done in order to confirm fabric strength, which makes our caps the most functional outdoor caps in the market.

Keen of other cap shapes?

Even though our 105 Style unstructured baseball cap shape is popular among women, many desire higher profile caps. Therefore, make sure to also check out our 107 Style baseball caps in our shop.