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Baseball Caps for Women

Looking for a baseball cap for women? Honestly speaking, there are no caps specifically designed for neither men nor women. All head shapes and sizes are unique and not related to gender, therefore the hat as a garment is and should always be unisex. In short, headwear should fit one's head shape and size, which in all cases is based on one's individual look and preference. At Stiksen, our goal is to cater to all cap lovers, so we are developing and testing different fits and shapes of caps on a regular basis.

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Pro tip: All Stiksen caps come in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large - in order to cater to the majority of the world's adult population. All our caps include adjustable straps in the back, for a better fit.

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Not sure of which style suits you? Check our guide to understand the difference between our cap shapes and find out which one you prefer.