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About Us

Created by and for a generation accustomed to mixing styles, STIKSEN pushes the envelope in the fashion world. By combining elements from cultures separated by oceans, STIKSEN aims to bring previously incompatible parts together. With a touch of Scandinavian Luxury, the cap - once compartmentalized only to sports or the street - is taken to new heights, challenging presumptions of what appropriate looks like.

Scandinavian Luxury

Founded in Stockholm, STIKSEN has Scandinavia hardwired into its DNA. With its own particular style and the mantra “less is more”, Scandinavian Luxury draws from minimalism and emphasizes subtle, delicate details over conspicuous logos, texts or other lavish brand representations. But most of all it values quality. STIKSEN caps breathe these values, and their quality, design and premium fabrics will at first glance and touch give you a crystal clear understanding of what Scandinavian Luxury means.