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The Purpose of the Top Button on Baseball Caps

The Purpose of the Top Button on Baseball Caps

If you've ever wondered about the small button adorning the top of most baseball caps, you're not alone. There's been ongoing speculation regarding its true function. Is it a functional necessity, or is it purely a matter of style? Let's dive into the main purpose of this intriguing feature.

Positioned at the apex where all the cap's panels converge, the top button serves a dual purpose. Historically, it played a crucial role in maintaining the cap's structural integrity by keeping the crown intact. However, in modern times, the top button has evolved into a primarily cosmetic element. Its primary function is to discreetly conceal the junction point where the hat's panels meet, often using the same or matching fabric as the cap's crown. While some caps forgo the top button, many would argue that a cap's aesthetics are enhanced when these seams are elegantly covered.

At Stiksen, we understand the importance of choice when it comes to your headwear. That's why we proudly present an extensive range of baseball caps, carefully curated to meet diverse preferences, with noteworthy options including top-button classics as well as modern caps without top button, e.g. our ReWool Collection. Our ReWool caps are crafted without top buttons for a contemporary and streamlined aesthetic.

Fun fact: The top button's playful nicknames are "Squatcho" and "Squatchee".


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