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reasons to wear a cap

Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Cap

The cap is traditionally considered a functional garment providing your eyes comfortable shade from the sun, but it is also nowadays a fashion piece. If you don't wear a cap already, here are the best five reasons for you to start wearing caps. 

1. Caps style you up

You may want to wear a baseball cap to hide when you don't feel confident about your appearance. Though, the true charm of caps does not lie in hiding yourself, but the complete opposite - it's about showing yourself! You can easily match a well-designed cap with any kind of outfit. A cap could put your look together and add a great finishing touch. In short, styling becomes more interesting with a cap. 

2. Caps provide you protection

A cap blocks direct sunlight towards the face, including rays that may cause sun-burns, photoageing, or in the worst case even skin cancer through ultraviolet radiation. In wintertime, caps prevent your scalp from getting dry. Caps also regulate the temperature of your head; it keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. So why not wear caps all year long?

3. Caps save you from bad hair days

It's unavoidable to wake up some days with hair all over the place. Not only does it look awful, it might even ruin your whole day. Though, in a busy morning, a cap can be a life-saver. It covers the mess and provides you a stylish look.

4. Caps shape your face

Some say "I don't look good in caps". That's completely wrong. Instead, it's all about the size and style of the cap. Once you find your perfect fitting, your new ball cap will highlight certain parts of your face that not even make-up can.

5. Caps make you look confident

Caps help you draw attention and make you stand out from the crowd. Wearing a cap will complete your look - it's a simple yet great accessory to make you look confident. Whether you prefer to wear it as a sporty accessory or a fashion statement, the cap will make you hold your head up high.


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