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The history of baseball caps

The History of Baseball Caps

Where does the baseball cap actually originate from? Why is it called "baseball" cap? And how come the cap has transformed from being a garment related to sports to a contemporary fashion accessory?

In order to find out, we need to rewind the time a bit. Already in 1860, the amateur baseball team Brooklyn Excelsiors wore headwear with a visor in order to shade their eyes and obtain better vision in dazzling sunlight. These caps soon became popular in America, the country where baseball caps originate from. The modern version of caps was born during the 1940s, with added ventilation holes and longer brims for better shield from sunshine.

The baseball cap hasn't changed its look much since mid 20th century, though people's attitudes towards it have indeed. As baseball as a sport gained popularity, fans started to wear it off the field to show their support towards their favourite team. Having this in mind, it feels quite obvious the modern cap is called baseball cap.

Finally, when celebrities as movie stars and artists adapted to the trend and started to wear caps on the TV screen, the cap stepped into the fashion field. Logotypes were not only representing baseball or other sports teams, but also pure fashion brands. Thankfully, in modern time, a cap is more or less an obvious piece of ones outfit. 


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