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Stiksen Meets Malin Evrenos

Stiksen Meets - Malin Evrenos

Backstage of the club Trädgården, we had a chat with Malin Evrenos, an energetic woman living a double life - one as a Creative Director in a renowned Stockholm marketing agency by day, and another as a techno DJ by night, being one out of two members of the hyped duo Y+M. Her music journey brought her to perform all over Sweden, but also in Turkey and the Netherlands. We went to the club situated below a bridge in Södermalm to speak to Malin, and boy did she spill us all the secrets about her twofold career.


How is it to live a double life as a Creative Director by day and a DJ by night?

It’s great, haha! I think these different parts of my life feed into and contribute to one another. I learnt so much DJ:ing and organizing parties that I’ve been able to use in my job later on, stuff you can’t really learn in school. And I like the variation of both, so I never get bored. The only problem is time, wish I had just a little more! 


In addition to music, which outlets do you choose to express yourself to the fullest?

I love to arrange and plan parties, as they involve so many creative aspects -everything from designing the flyers to building a truly unforgettable experience. I also like to photograph and to edit film, so I'd say I'm involved in a lot of creative processes.


If you could choose anyone in the world to be your personal stylist, who would it be and why?

Oh wow, really tempting but I really like choosing my own clothes :)


What is the biggest risk you took in your life?

Probably not legal enough to write here!


What are your special routines before a gig?

Have a drink and pee!



What is a funny habit of yours that no one knows about?

I sit in the shower. My boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious. 


What is the most expensive record you ever bought?

Probably some rare record on Discogs I never ended up playing out anyway! 


Never listen to music anymore in your entire life, or listen to the same song every single moment of the rest of your life?

Oh, that’s a tough one! I’d have to say no music. 


What appeals to you in being a DJ?

Being able to affect the mood of a big group of people. It’s so powerful how a track or sequence of tracks can create reactions and different energies on a dance floor. 


Malin is wearing 107 Canvas Crimson.



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