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Stiksen Meets Kim från Gården

Stiksen Meets - Kim fr. Gården

On a crispy cold December morning, we met with hip-hop artist Kim fr. Gården in his home turf Grimsta, located in western Stockholm. His positive energy and charismatic personality could be felt from miles away and immediately rubbed off on us. Kim fr. Gården, whose real name is Kim Danielsson, showed us around in Grimsta while we talked about his current EP drop “Fritt fall på gröna linjen”, where he gets his influences from and what fashion means to him.


What’s the background to your name Kim fr. Gården (Kim from the block)?

It’s pretty simple. I’m basically a street kid, straight from the block.


Can you describe your creative process?

I spontaneously write two bars just from the inspiration that I get in the moment, and then I let those two bars dictate the rest of the verse and the whole theme in general. I actually never decide the subject of the song before the first two bars are written. And those two bars often come up early in the morning after a messy night.


What inspires you?

Creators. One of my biggest inspirations right now is Salvador Dali. I love artists who can translate different type of contexts into art, whether it is in images, paintings, or lyrics. That’s what I’m trying to do myself, and I hope it comes through in my lyrics.


What music do you listen to?

At this moment, a lot of hip-hop from the 90s but also a bit of dancehall and sickly sweet RnB. I’m a sucker for melodies.


You are highly relevant at this moment due to the launch of your first EP as an individual artist. Who are you collaborating with?

I would lie if I said that I made the whole EP myself. As a matter of fact, my producer Sinus is the genius behind all the beats, mixing and mastering. And the Swedish hip-hop legend Organismen features on one of the tracks.


Which track on your EP is your personal favourite?

It must be “Västerortsgospel”, which is the outro. It’s a tune with a gentle touch, where I had the chance to present the suburbs in a softer manner than how they are usually portrayed. You know, the sensitive and dignified suburbs that we had prior to all this escalating harshness.


How do you dress and what does fashion mean to you?

Usually, I stroll around in fresh sneakers and suit pants combined with an Adidas hoodie. Fashion is yet another way to express myself. We didn’t have much growing up, but we could indeed flex with our clothes, which represented who we were.


Which celebrity (dead or alive) would you like to meet and why?

Bob Marley, without a doubt. To me, he's the most timeless and classic musician ever. I would have loved to break bread with him and discuss life in general.


Last one; you are having a dinner with Obama and Rihanna. Who talks the most, who eats up first and who pays the bill?

I would talk like never before and ask Obama hundreds of questions on the U.S. poor political standpoint, simultaneously as I would flirt with Riri. She would get so tired of me that she would eat up first and pay the bill, just to get out as quickly as possible.


Kim fr. Gården is wearing 109 Canvas Off White


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