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Stiksen Meets - Gino Panghulan

Stiksen Meets - Gino Panghulan

Step into Rey's Market, a captivating secondhand store nestled in the vibrant heart of Stockholm's Södermalm district. Gino Panghulan, once a standout semi-pro basketball player, now orchestrates the magic within these walls. As we sat down with Gino amidst the diverse collection of treasures, we delved into his journey and the fascinating world he has crafted at Rey's Market. 

What inspired you to start a secondhand store?
After my time as a basketball player, I was looking for something new to engage with. Growing up, secondhand shopping wasn't really encouraged in my house. But my girlfriend got me into it, and I fell in love with finding nostalgic, affordable items. The inspiration came from when we thrifted around the world, in places like Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Miami, and New York, and I kept thinking, why isn't there something like this in Sweden? That's where the idea for my secondhand store started. 

What does fashion mean to you, and how do you dress?
Fashion should be about more than just looking trendy as it's also about genuine expressions. I dress based on how I feel. Basically, I dress like Gino.

What have been some of the biggest challenges you've faced as an entrepreneur?
One of the biggest challenges has been balancing entrepreneurship with family life including two children. We opened our first store shortly after the pandemic began right around the time our oldest kid turned one. We jumped into it without fully knowing what we were getting into, but felt that if we didn't take the chance then we might never do it. It's a bit like being a basketball player; sometimes you have to take risks for the potential for greater rewards.

How has your background as a basketball player influenced the way you run Rey's Market?
Being a point guard in basketball taught me to be creative, make quick decisions, and see opportunities that others might miss. When I retired from basketball, some friends encouraged me to leave my regular 9-to-5 and pursue something more creative. As a basketball player, I've always valued teamwork. I recognize the importance of each team member and understand that you can't succeed alone. This mindset has shaped how I run Rey's Market and has been invaluable in our path to success.

What unique and memorable pieces have you come across in your store?
One item I clearly remember regretting putting up for sale was a Diana Ross t-shirt priced at 750 SEK (~70 EUR). The shirt was actually priceless, and I wish I still had it. But that's the beauty of vintage – each piece is unique, and there's only one like it.
Who inspires you in terms of fashion?
I'm inspired by individuals who have a unique style and aren't afraid to express themselves. I admire people who don't just follow trends but instead set them.

If you could choose to play a match against or with anyone, who would it be and why?
I'd choose to play with Kyrie Irving because of his creative game and Russell Westbrook because I'm inspired by people who stay true to their style and he embodies that perfectly.

Tell us something you're proud of.
I'm proud that I've been able to spend so much quality time with my children. The reason we're called Rey's Market is because we want to pass it on to our kids, both of whom have 'Rey' as their middle name. We're in it for the long run!

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?
Trust your gut feeling and tune out the noises, homie. 


Gino is wearing 105 Canvas Off White.


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