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Stiksen Meets - Markus Welin

Stiksen Meets - Markus Welin

At Tegnérgatan, you'll discover one of Stockholm's finest wine bars, Savant. Nestled inside this cozy setting, we met Markus Welin, a towering yet unassuming figure standing at 2 meters tall. Markus has a deep passion for wine, food, and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the proud owner of Savant bar, which has thrived for over five years, offering an exceptional selection of natural wines and fantastic food.

Markus began his journey in a restaurant as a busser/busboy doing dishes and has since dedicated 20 years to the industry. Today, he manages seven diverse companies, including a record label and a publishing house. As we engaged in conversation with Markus, it became evident that he possesses a keen ability to identify opportunities and effectively transform ideas into reality.

What was your inspiration and vision for Savant bar?
My inspiration mainly draws from Paris and Copenhagen. The concept behind Savant bar reflects my belief in how wine should be enjoyed. The bar's ambiance is designed to be inviting and relaxed, where guests can trust our staff to recommend something exceptional. It's about savoring the wine without necessarily knowing all the details about it.

What inspires you?
Everyone I meet and talk to gives a form of inspiration, while large environments can inspire how one wants something in life. 
Gordon Ramsay enters Savant bar. Which dish would you serve him and why?
I don't care much about Ramsay or master chefs in general, his opinion about my products means just as much as anyone else's. But if I had to decide, I would serve him our Agnolotti pasta with an aromatic wine like an Orange Muscat.
How do you dress and what does fashion mean to you?
Fashion means a lot, both positively and negatively. In my opinion, the more you want to dress nicely, the harder it becomes; you judge yourself so much. But I love colors and they make me happy. 
Tell us something you are proud of?
What my wife and I have built, running seven different companies with our own values as a foundation. We create sustainable & socially responsible products, treating people kindly with fair prices. And always maintaining that same approach over time.
What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

Oh damn, there’s probably one thing I don't eat and that’s mackerel, I really don’t like it, it’s just not tasty…. And marzipan.

What exciting plans or projects does Savant have for the future?

We’re probably going to Paris to do a guest appearance. A kulti wine bar, which has been around for a long time, it’s a big part of Paris’ natural wine scene. It’s a bit of tying up loose ends because it’s a place I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from, so it feels good to go there and give something back.  

What life lessons would you share with your 20-year-old self?

When I started Savant, I received a lot of advice on how to proceed, and how to conceptually run it. Don’t take advice from others whom you don’t believe know more than you. So my advice is don’t take advice. 

Markus Welin is wearing 105 Ventile Midnight 



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