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107 ReWool Black

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107 ReWool Black

Regulärer Preis €69,00 EUR
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Die Stiksen 107 ReWool Black ist eine schwarze Baseballcap aus recycelter Wolle in minimalistischem Design ohne Knopf und Ösen.

- 107er Style: Baseballcap mit hartem Frontpanel und verstellbarem Verschluss
- 70% recycelte Wolle und 30% Polyamid von MWool®
- hohe, sechsteilige Krone
- klare Silhouette ohne Ösen und Knopf

Diese Mütze besteht aus Manteco MWool® - der nächsten Generation recycelter Wolle. Mit einer hervorragenden wärmespeichernden Wirkung, einer weichen Haptik, bei bleibend-hoher Atmungsaktivität, garantieren wir maximalen Komfort. Der Stoff wird durch mechanisches Recycling aus ausgewählter Vorverkaufs-und Nachverkaufsstrickware gewonnen.

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Based on 5 reviews
Jaap J. (Stiens, NL)
Great cap!

I really love the Rewool cap in Black. It's very comfortable and warm during the colder days. The minimalistic design suits me, the quality is great. Its my second Stiksen cap, would not be suprised buying one extra.

Alex R. (Manchester, GB)
Stylish and comfortable

Very nice cap. Material feels top quality. Was hoping for a buckle for the strap, the velcro is a little awkward. This is a small point. Overall an excellent cap.

J. D.W. (Heindonk, BE)
Heads up for Stiksen

Great quality + stylish design = 5* STIKSEN.
Would love a ReWool in navy blue, so go Stiksen, go !

Lee G. (Waterlooville, GB)
Baby got cap!

(To the tune of “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-lot)

I like great caps and I cannot lie
You headgear lovers can't deny
That when your bae walks in with a Stiksen on their head
Makes your pulse race, face go red
You're turned on, want to pull up tough
'Cause you noticed their head was stuffed
Deep in the cap they're wearing
You're hooked and you can't stop staring
Oh baby, wanna touch your hat more
See it dropped on my floor.
My best friends tried to warn me
But that cap you got makes (me, me so horny)
Ooh, merino wonder,
You say you want to be on my head?
I'll wear you, share you
'Cause less worthy hats wont' dare to
be seen with me dancin'
Make me want romancin'
You're neat, sweet
And wearing you's such a treat.
I'm tired of magazines
Sayin' crap caps are the thing
Take a genuine hat lover and ask 'em that
Can't beat a Stiksen cap
So, brothers (yeah) sisters (yeah)
Has your cap got a Stiksen badge? (Hell yeah)
Then you wear it (wear it) wear it (wear it)
Don that awesome hat
Baby got cap

Jeff F. (Stuttgart, DE)
Great cap for winter

I already own several other Stiksen caps and love them all! This one is a little different: The fabric is quite thick and thus the cap looks and feels a bit larger than the other ones. The wool fabric is really nice and soft. The adjustment strap works with velcro which I don’t like as I often wear a scarve or a jacket with a high collar and the velcro gets caught there.